Frequently Asked Questions About Ibiza


What are the Drinking Rules and Laws in Ibiza?


The legal limit for buying alcohol in shops, bars or clubs is 18. There is some leniency towards under 18's drinking in restaurants with supervision. Ibiza's drinking laws are similar to the UK - if you're seen to be 'drunk and disorderly' you can be arrested and likely fined.

Drinking on the street is technically illegal (Taking you're own drink into clubs is probably not worth the risk of being caught!)


What are the Smoking Rules and Laws in Ibiza?


The legal age for buying tobacco products is 16. Smoking is allowed most places still, just look out for signs.


What are the Driving Rules and Laws in Ibiza?


If you're hiring a car when in Ibiza we recommend being extremely careful. Generally the roads aren't as hectic as mainland Spain but the standard of driving is frankly poor (taxi drivers and other tourists are typically the worst culprits). Most of the police are fine these days but many don't speak great English and they'll have you over a barrel if you're stopped and will fine you at their discretion. Don't put yourself in unnecessary bother and danger.

Drink and Driving - Don't do it at all. The Spanish drunk driving limit is lower than the UK at 0.5 mg (0.8 in the UK) which effectively means you can have about a small beer and drive legally, but for 1 beer is it really worth it?!). They're really clamping down on this in Ibiza with police check points coming in and out of San Antonio and around the big clubs i.e. Amnesia

  • Seat belts are obligatory front and back. If caught you'll likely be fined
  • Speed limits should be marked on the main roads. Motorways have a max 120km/h, 90-100km/h on open roads and usually 50km/h in the town but watch out for signs. Again you will be pulled over if caught speeding and fined.


What are the Drug Laws in Ibiza?


Like we say at the top we definitely don't condone drug use but many tourists choose to use drugs while in Ibiza. The Spanish authorities are definitely not as lenient on this as they perhaps once were so you have been warned. If caught with drugs you will be arrested, questioned and most likely heavily fined.

  • Possession of restricted drugs is not criminal under Spanish law - the law only governs the 'manufacture, trafficking, cultivation or incitement of use'
  • However their is a well known thin line between what is deemed 'personal use' and 'trafficking' so if you absolutely must carry drugs the best advice is to carry only a very small quantity and don't carry them for anyone else. Do not buy or hand out drugs in clubs (especially on dancefloors) and do not buy from the African blokes on the beach front.
  • Obviously don't take drugs and drive. Random road side sobriety tests check for drink and drugs.

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