Learjet 40

The Learjet 40 is a light business jet produced by Bombardier Aerospace.

The Learjet 40 is derived from the Learjet 45, but with a shorter fuselage (by 24.5 inches/60 cm), and is powered by two Honeywell TFE731-20AR engines. These are known as the “AR” engines.

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Citation Bravo

Citation Bravo

The Cessna Citation II was the first of the Model 550 series of Citation jets, which are light corporate jet built by Cessna. A direct development of the Citation I, the Citation II led to the later development of the Citation II/SP, the S550 Citation S/II, and the Citation Bravo. The Citation II was also used by the United States Navy under the designation T-47A for radar system training, while the OT-47B was procured by the United States Department of Defense for drug interdiction reconnaissance.

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Piaggio Avanti

Piaggio Avanti

The P.180 design was tested in wind tunnels in Italy and the U.S. in 1980 and 1981. A collaboration with Learjet to develop the aircraft began in 1983 but ended on 13 January 1986, with Piaggio continuing development on its own. The first prototype flew on 23 September 1986. U.S. and Italian certification was obtained on 7 March 1990.] Learjet’s influence can be seen in the two “delta fins” mounted on the bottom of the tail, as found on most Learjets; these devices provide aerodynamic recovery force in the event of an aerodynamic stall.

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King Air 200


Maker of the ever popular Beechcraft King Air series, has seen renowned success with its line of turboprops. The most widely known and best selling turbo prop, the King Air B200, entered the market in the early 1980’s and is still in production today.

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