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Specialising in Japanese seafood banquets, Korean street food or Basque haute gastronomy, Ibiza is home to some of the world’s finest private chefs, all available just for you on your Ibiza villa holiday.

From your daily breakfasts – healthy, detox or indulgent – and poolside barbecues to family-friendly meals or decadent dinners, curating a week (or more) worth of menus for our villa clients is as much of a pleasure for our chefs as it is for those on the receiving end of their skills.

Call our team of experts to design your catered Ibiza holiday experience on + 44 (0)203 411 3675 

Guests want simple, fresh ingredients, beautifully cooked with authentic flavours. It’s really important to get the relationship right. I always say it is 50% about the menus, the food and the cooking and the other 50% is what the chef is giving of themselves, to make it an enjoyable and satisfying experience for the guests.

Ibiza Villas' Chef - Santi Serra

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