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Sustainable travel - Eco-friendly Ibiza Villas

06 May 20

In the past decade, the desire to travel sustainably has grown year or year. Along with going off the beaten path, motion-based travel and new ways of transport, Forbes noted sustainable travel as one of the biggest travel trends for 2020. 

As some good has come out of our current situation, humans can see their effect on the planet more than ever. While the Northern state in Punjab can see the Himalayan mountain range for the first time in years, the Venice canals are clear, showcasing shoals of fish and colourful plant life. Although sustainable travel has been growing in popularity, as restrictions are lifted and travel as we knew it resumes, eco-travel is looking to be at the forefront of our minds.

New Villa Travel trends in Ibiza

Sustainable travel

As airlines and hotels are stepping up to become more environmentally friendly, the green travel trend is only going to grow. With hotel chains and restaurants brands banning single-use plastic, embracing zero-waste initiatives and invest in solar technology, change is coming. 

As sustainability is predicted to become a cornerstone for luxury travel, you might be wondering how our villas match up. Thankfully, many of our owners have been on the eco-friendly wave for years.

Eco-friendly Ibiza villas

If you’re ready to go clean and green on your next adventure to Ibiza, look no further. Environmental stays are the backbone of our future. We’re championing all things eco. Whether it be common practices such as renewable energy and rainwater collection or solar-powered catamarans, our partners are embracing positive change. 

Our hand-picked clean and green villas, which come complete with eco-ratings are just the starting point. Beyond your abode for your visit to the island, you can take steps to reduce your impact too. 

Living sustainably Ibiza

While we all want to preserve the world, we also want to see it. Thankfully, thanks to modern innovations and thoughtful exploration, we can. Along with choosing an eco-friendly villa and the most eco route to your destination, more can be done. 

If you need to hire a car to make your way around the island as you explore the coastline from Cala Bassa to Cala Llonga, opt for an electric car. The best bit? You don’t even need to search for one yourself; our concierge has got that covered. 

When you’re shopping for food or getting your requests in with the chef, opt for seasonal produce and locally-sourced ingredients. 

If you’re taking a trip to buy some souvenir’s, make your way to the local markets and independent stores, they need your support most. 

When exploring the breath-taking coastlines of Ibiza and Formentera, opting for a solar-powered catamaran or a self-powered kayak will ensure you’re what you can to preserve the planet’s most important Posidonia Oceanica meadows. 

Ibiza is a beautiful island that has plenty to offer, from soaking up the sun on white-sand beaches to exploring what’s lurking in rugged sea caves, it’s a destination you will love. If we want it to be preserved in all its beauty and enjoyed for years to come, consciousness is encouraged

While it’s great to enjoy the luxury villas Ibiza has to offer, it’s even better to strike a balance and champion sustainable travel. If you like the sound of an eco-friendly approach for your next Ibiza holiday, get in touch with the team, and we can make your vision a reality. 

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