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Workcations and villas for corporates

25 March 21

Ibizan moments, inspiring the everyday

As many of us bid farewell to the traditional office set-up, we welcome a new, remote lifestyle. Tapping into the wonders of WIFI, ‘workcations’: AKA - the modern-day ‘vacation/work life’ fusion allow us to travel unreservedly, investing our precious time in beautiful places that nourish the soul.

Luxury travel of tomorrow will no longer simply be for the pleasure seeker. The modern entrepreneurs among us will be in search of villas for corporates that blend opulent office set-ups with everyday living spaces that enhance our personal lives. Uniting work and pleasure as one, the days of 9-5 are a distant memory for many discerning digital nomads. Swapping the morning commute for a refreshing ocean dip and a frantic team lunch for a peaceful family meal; workcations combine the best of both worlds: and there’s no going back.

This is where luxury villas truly step into the spotlight. Offering the opportunity to indulge in longer villa stays, workcations will enable us to truly connect with our surroundings. Forming a bond with the local people, nearby restaurants and the beauty of the natural landscape: our portfolio of villas across Ibiza do just this. With the added experiences bringing each luxury villa to life, each workcation welcomes the flexibility to make a house a home, and Ibiza more than just a fleeting memory.

Whether you’re renting or buying, we understand that Ibizan villas are places designed to inspire, both personally and professionally. Setting the stage for memories that will stay with you and your loved ones for a lifetime, each villa we connect you with will be a reflection of you. Whether it is planning ahead with a high-security villa hidden in the hills, spectacular spaces filled with spontaneity, or inspiring oceanfront escapes; our team are on hand to create an Ibizan workcation true to you.


With each day following its own rules, the opportunities are endless on an Ibizan workcation. With experiences at the forefront, choose to hike up into the hills and along intriguing coastal pathways, followed by a fresh seafood lunch at a local restaurant, before retreating to your villa for the afternoon. Whilst dusk draws in hues of pink, orange and red with laissez-faire family-style suppers or reconnecting with old friends over cocktails.

Here at Ibiza Villas, let us create a workcation that will encapsulate the very best of your work-life balance. Leading with our inside knowledge, a workcation unique to you, and those you love the most will do nothing less than transform your everyday life. With a mission to leave you in love with Ibiza as we are - we’ll uncover the unseen elements of the dynamic island that will make you want to return year on year, or better yet: never leave. With unrivalled access to the most in-demand reservations, yacht charters, tailored in-villa experiences and more: we pride ourselves as leading Ibizan virtuosos, and it is each of these experiences that will make your workcation nothing less than wonderful.

Established in 1994, here at Ibiza Villas we true professionals, beaming with ideas and insight to ensure those who book a workcation with us become as infatuated by the island as much as we are. Get in touch with one of our experts today who will guide you on your journey today.  

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